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    English test...Egg test

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    English test...Egg test

    Message par Chaninou le Jeu 19 Avr - 12:06

    The Egg test

    This is a personality test.
    Pick your answers instinctively.
    There are no right or wrong answers.

    Where would you place the egg?
    a) treetop
    b) water
    c) grass
    d) pocket

    Scroll Down To Find Out What Each
    Place Represents About YOU.

    By nature, you are a perfectionist. You will only
    give your heart away until you meet Mr./Ms.
    Right. In otherwords, you are extremely
    picky when it comes to relationships.

    You seldom try to compete with others. You
    believe in fate, and you are extremely passive.
    Even when you meet someone you like, you will
    not go out of your way to pursue them.

    Casanova or Lady Chatterley is perhaps a kinder
    way to describe you. You are a skillful and well
    experienced lover. You can fall in love with
    almost anyone you meet. Restrain your emotions!
    Otherwise, you may end up breaking many
    innocent hearts!

    You consider yourself a natural born leader.
    Although it doesn't necessarily mean you have the
    ability to be a leader, it just means you have the
    desire to control others. When it comes to
    relationships, you will be very possessive and will
    seek total control. Be careful, since not too many
    people enjoy being a prisoner of love.

    Chani...Simply....the Best

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